Where to buy CBD Oil and what to look out for when buying

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Where to Buy CBD Oil?

Lately, CBD’s more friendly legislation has led to a corresponding increase in the compound’s awareness. Presently, the demand for CBD oil is at an all-time peak.

‘Where to buy CBD oil?’ enquiries have never been as frequent as it is lately. In only a few weeks, we’ve received a lot of queries, particularly on CBD oil’s legality and how to buy the oil.

Talking legality, across the world, cannabis laws are changing fast, particularly for the non-intoxicating CBD. For instance, currently, CBD can be shipped to all 50 American States – and 40 countries.

Now, back to our concern – Where to Buy CBD Oil?

You have a range of options. This article discusses the three ways you can order your CBD oil online.

You can buy almost anything online – Including your CBD products. Online dispensaries and speciality stores are the fastest, most convenient place to scout for your CBD oil.

Online vendors usually have more extensive stock than their offline competitors. Besides, buying online gives you the freedom and ease to browse through several stores right from your internet-enabled gadget, order your preference, and expect your door-step delivery in no time.

Even more, a glance at the product’s buyer reviews unveils previous buyers’ experience with a particular product. By this, you can hardly ever make a poor investment decision.

Offline Dispensaries

You’d find a good amount of CBD products on cannabis dispensaries’ shelves. Most of these outlets are regulated by health and safety standards.

While you may need no cards to get a hemp-based CBD oil, a certified medical practitioner’s prescription may be required to buy products above .2% THC concentration.

Brick and Mortar stores

Some speciality retail stores sell CBD oil. Your everyday nutritional stores and smoke shops usually stock CBD oil. While shopping online might be more convenient, physical outlets allow you to discuss with staffs and get advice from their experience.


For clarity, research shows about 70 per cent of CBD products are mislabelled. So, you can’t count on the labels. Instead, use these tips:

  • Now the hemp source. Buy only CBD sourced from organic hemp and harvested from farms without pesticides, chemicals, and other toxic contaminants.
  • Check the THC level. If it contains more than 0.2 per cent THC, remember it no longer falls under the hemp group; hence it may be a serious legal concern. Also, remember, the higher the CBD levels, the better.
  • Third-party lab test. If a CBD product has no third-party lab test result, popularly called the Certificate of Analysis (COA), don’t buy. These results help confirm the product content claims.


CBD is indeed the best thing that ever happened to the medical niche since sliced bread. The promises from ongoing research explain the all-time-peak-demand.

However, remember the niche is widely unregulated. If you seek where to buy CBD oil, the steps above are a good guide.

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