CBD isolate is the most concentrated CBD product on the market that delivers high CBD levels to your system. The product is popular with both CBD beginners and those who have used CBD products for years to support their health. CBD isolate offers an alternative to full-spectrum CBD products and it may especially be useful for those who would like to try CBD without ingesting any of the psychoactive compound, THC.

CBD isolate demonstrates several benefits including relief from pain, anxiety, PTSD and inflammation. The product is made by refining all-natural hemp oil into a highly concentrated CBD powder or oil.

As with all of our products, the CBDOilGB brand of CBD isolates formulated under the strictest conditions of quality is cGMP certified and third party tested giving a pure form CBD isolate that all agree is one of the purest amongst brands.

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The CBD Isolate Process

Our CBD isolate is made using our top of the range, all-natural CBD hemp oil. In our CBD isolate making process as it is with all our other product processes, we employ the highest standards that comply with GMP extraction policies.

What this means in essence is that our facility conditions, qualifications of personnel, hygiene, manufacturing batch records, laboratory controls, material control and responsibilities of the quality unit are properly vetted and follow laid down policy of safety and quality assurance. The result is a 99% pure highly concentrated crystalline that contains only the CBD chemical compound.

Our CBD isolates crystal is not a synthetic or lab-made cannabinoid as you must already know. The product is all-natural, non-GMO refined down to an incredible purity. Each product comes with its own cannabinoid analysis and certificate of quality.

And even better, you have choices. You can choose from either the CBD Isolate powder or the CBD Isolate liquid.

  • CBD Isolate Powder: CBD isolates powder is a highly concentrated 99% pure, fine, white substance that contains only CBD. CBD powder typically comes in a 1-gram jar, allowing you to easily measure out your daily CBD serving.
  • CBD Isolate Liquid: CBD isolates liquid is made by blending CBD isolate powder with a carrier oil, such as wholesome coconut oil. MCT oil is an oil with many nutritious benefits, making it a great additive to CBD isolate. This liquid CBD isolate can then be used on its own or added to other foods.

The CBDOILGB Difference

An assurance of the highest quality Hemp CBD product derived and handcrafted to the most exacting standards. You can be assured of the purest and safest Hemp CBD product on the planet that is non-GMO, cGMP certified and free of pesticides, phthalates, parabens, additives, and preservatives.

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