CBD and its purported therapeutic gains are no longer news. In fact, several pieces of literature present the compound as a magical formula with references like the ‘Cure-all compound” “miracle drug,” to mention but a few.

From alleviation of chronic pain to boosting focus and concentration, CBD seems to have an offer for all ailments.

Talking focus, this article quickly examines how – if at all – CBD isolate can help boost focus, particularly for athletes.

Before we delve deeper, first things first…

What is CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form – with over 99 per cent CBD concentration. The CBD extraction process involves the removal of all active chemicals in the hemp plant trailed by a distillation that picks out all other cannabinoids and plant matters. This process leaves behind CBD, ONLY.

Based on the extraction process used, CBD isolate comes in large crystals or fine white powder as your confectionary sugar.

Now, we know what CBD isolates are, let’s quickly discuss some ways athletes can benefit from the compound.

How Can CBD isolate Help Athletes?

  • CBD isolate helps handle stress

Athletes are more prone to stress than most professionals. Their routine competition and regular training can easily add up to cause stress, both physically and mentally. A study that reports CBD’s benefit on sleep also suggests it can cause calm and relaxation by calming the nervous system.

  • Improved Immunity

Perhaps, nothing ruins an athlete’s performance than feeling sick. Thankfully, CBD isolate, researchers say, may improve the immune system functions. This will help you remain fit, whether in the gym, court, or the field.

  • CBD Improves Focus

Sustaining focus may sound simple; the lack of it has ruined many sports professionals. Stress is one significant factor that causes a lack of focus.

CBD helps improve calm and ushers a good sense of relaxation. This calm can help improve focus and boost concentration, and, in turn, sustain performance.

Why CBD Isolate For Athletes?

CBD isolate is commonly recommended for athletes for three primary reasons:

  • Pure CBD is widely legal – By virtue of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has become legal in the federal law
  • Its non-psychoactive – CBD in its purest form contains no THC – the compound in marijuana responsible for the high feeling. So athletes can dose on CBD before their training and competitions with no fear of getting stoned
  • Won’t ruin a drug test – since athletes are often tried for drugs like THC, a CBD-only formula is your best bet. Although some full-spectrum CBD products may contain only trace amounts of THC, for drug tests, they may be significant enough to ruin it

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